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Grace Family Photos

Shannon and Tommy met at the University of Kentucky – GO WILDCATS!  I know this because, well,  because I was there.  Shannon and I were both Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters at UK and  we had a very fun four years in college.  Shannon and Tommy got engaged during undergrad, and Kappa does a very special candlelight ceremony to celebrate.  This all seems like forever ago – I am pretty sure I just saw a post about Shannon planning their 10 year wedding annivesary.  Where does the time GO!?

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Well for the Grace family, their time has been well spent!  After moving back to the midwest I was able to reconnect with Shannon and meet her beautiful family now including Carter + Charlotte.  We have done photos together for 2 years now and it has been incredible to watch their children grow.

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Carter is doting a big brother, very loving and sweet in some moments and ALL boy at other times.  He was a great remodel for Charlotte during our photo session.

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Shannon swears that Charlotte is a little bit more like her than Carter is, insisting that Charlotte comes by her, sweetness, strong convictions and a little bit of sass quite honestly.  They are the perfect siblings together, encouraging one another and just goofing and having fun.

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It was a blast to follow this family of four around on a quiet summer evening in the park.  Ice cream cones always make for the best photo props!

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So Much To Celebrate | 1st Wedding Anniversary!

Hooray!  Kris and our celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past weekend!  It was so much fun to reflect back on the last 12 months and relive some of our favorite moments.  I don’t think we could have possibly packed more into our first year of marriage.  We’ve been busy!  From starting new businesses, to moving to new cities, to taking new jobs with new companies – traveling, laughing, learning, and loving all along the way.Image-5

To commemorate our special occasion we went for a hike and packed a picnic – just like the one we took when Kris proposed.  Although, we were not on a side of a mountain this time, it was so fun to break out the champagne, cheese, and olives and relax in the great outdoors.  It was a hot sunny day and our little patch of grass  in the shade was so wonderful.


After our hike, we took a fun duck boat ride through the city.  The tour was the perfect way to explore the city where we first met and where we now call home!  Tons of history, I was truly impressed.  We finished the night off with a fancy dinner downtown with gorgeous sunset views of the city.


I don’t want to get too sappy on  here, but I am so thankful for this past year.  We have had so much fun making every moment count.  I can’t imagine life getting much better than this, but I know the best is yet to come!  Happy Anniversary babe!



Friends Are Family Too | Friends & Family Photo Shoot

The old saying goes, “friends are family too” could not have been more true than on a Sunday afternoon in Old Worthington.  I was asked to do a photo shoot to capture the love and friendship between the 3 families as they all are about to begin big new adventures.  New jobs, new cities, new careers, lots of new things.  They have all been friends forever so even though it was bittersweet occasion, nothing but sweetness came from this photo session!  Here are the photos from our park and play photo shoot!  Yes, play = ice cream!








It is no easy task finding what I call “flat tire friends.”  You know, the friend who you ACTUALLY call if you got a flat tire at an inconvenient place and at an inconvenient time.  Yes, those people.  Some say if you have just one of those friends you are among the luckiest people on earth.  These friends have it.  The history, the future, the we will be great friends no matter time zone, latitude, or longitude coordinates we live in.





So, needless to say, it was an honor to capture some great photos and help make new memories as these friends get ready to make their next big moves.  The kids were simply adorable.   Full of energy and spunk, and hopes of getting only the most gigantic chocolate chips in their Graeter’s ice cream ever.  The simple equation of kids +sticky fingers + sloppy ice cream cones = photo magic in the summertime.








If this doesn’t serve as a reminder to get off the computer and call your bestie I don’t know what will!   #FriendsAreFamilyToo



Lesson of the day:  Don’t waste your ice cream, your big brother wants you to do it like him!….





Maine, Love, & Lobsters | Summer Travel

Have you ever been to Maine?



{Warning!  This is a SUPER long post.  It is by all definitions, vacation OVER SHARE.  However, its amazing and you won’t regret}

I had the amazing good fortune to attend a wedding in Maine over 4th of July weekend with my family.  There was so much love in the air you could just breathe it in, along with the sea salt and pine.  We stayed in a beach cottage in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere.  It was such a treat to wake up each morning and see the mist hanging low along the shore line and listen to the churn of lobster boats heading out to check their pots.  It was unseasonably hot in Maine, so every activity centered around ice cream and lobster.



My sister, husband, and I arrived a few days early to soak up all things Maine.  I made a joke upon our arrival at the Portland airport pledging to eat lobster at every meal.  I did not however fulfill my pledge, because how could I possible turn down the day’s catch of scallops, oysters, and mussels?  Seafood at its finest!  On our drive from Portland to Brooklin, we stopped for some roadside lobster at Red’s Eats.  Red’s Eats was featured in the NY Times for being so delicious, locals were petitioning for its relocation due to inherent traffic jams (every lobster roll has over a whole lobster!).  No false advertising here!



As wedding guests, our itineraries were filled with things such as sailing, fireworks, croquet, kayaking, beach combing, and sun bathing (and lobster eating).  We did so much in just a few days but nothing, not a thing, felt hurried.  Well, I suppose some would argue that the 4 AM sunrise felt a bit hurried, but you get the idea.






A little back story on the bride and groom.  Scott and Ali live in Brooklyn and are an amazing couple.  The rest you’ll understand after I describe their wedding.  All of the guests seemed to have a heart felt connection with the couple and personal investment in making their wedding day amazing in anyway possible.  You know the weddings where no one dances?  This was not one of them!  You know the weddings where the toasts are cringe worthy and make you question how well you know the couple? This was not one of them!  The dance floor was packed even before guests ate their salads!  The toasts were beautiful and descriptive and uplifting.  The wedding was simply stunning and filled with funny, talented, Scott and Ali adoring guests.





When our boat docked after our sail it was time to get ready for some nuptials!












There were so many sweet personal touches at the reception.  I toured around several times to make sure I saw it all!  The food was delicious – from lollipop lamb chops hot off the grill, to fresh oysters and a raw bar, lobster bisque, and kalamata goat cheese crostinis…oh wait, that just covers the appetizers!  Signature cocktails and signature dance moves, this wedding had it all!  I had to make a serious effort at times to put down my camera and just enjoy the show.  Luckily, my sister and husband had no trouble snapping a few pics of their own.  Team effort.









Beautiful evening….




Even though I have a HUGE birthday coming up…You are never too old to be a little sister (handmade seersucker napkins by the MOB, btw)


I came to dance, dance, dance…..












Before we knew it, it was time to pack our bags and drive to the airport.  The marvelous wedding weekend had come to an end.  Maine is well known for its free souvenirs to take home with you, brag worthy mosquito bites and memories to last a lifetime.