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Sweet Summer Time | Father’s Day



Wow, how is it already the MIDDLE of June!?  Where has the time gone?  One thing I know for sure, my time has certainly not gone to my blog.   I am back…at last.

I was chatting with a good friend the other day and we were discussing planning a weekend trip for November.  Yes, November.  Call me crazy, but calendars fill up fast!  In the beginning of summer, life feels wide open and we welcome the sweet months of June, July, and August with an enthusiasm that only warm weather can inspire.  Before you know it, every single weekend is scheduled with something fun and fabulous.  Then somehow an invisible line is crossed and life seems a tad too scheduled without an ounce of room left for spontaneity.  Yes life is busy.  Yes we are all busier than ever.  But let’s not be too busy for a little front porch sittin”, people watchin”, tea sippin’, unscheduled me and/or we time.

My goal for this Father’s Day weekend to us unplug, and unwind, and enjoy the company of those I am with.  It is so easy to think Father’s Day, check, yoga in the park check, happy hour with friends check, work work work, check, check check!  Let’s slow our hustle down just for a few unplanned moments of summer bliss.  Summer is not about crossing everything off the to do list, its about enjoying little pleasantries that bring a sweet smile to your face. Notice how little beads of water gather on the side of your ice cold glass.  Wave to a neighbor.  Send a letter to friend, yes like in the mail, with a stamp.  Read a book, a really, really good one.  You get the idea.  Join me in delighting in the most simple treasures of the here and now.  Summer is upon us!

Here are some pictures from a recent photo shoot, where little Anderson soaked up every minute of the sunshine, flowers, bugs, and blades of grass as he played in the park on a beautiful morning.