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Baby Wilt!

Heath and Nicole recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary (12th!).  Don’t let those newlywed looks fool you, they have a lot more celebrating before the year comes to an end.  This fall, the newest addition of their family is due to arrive the day after Thanksgiving.  Their due date seems especially fitting, because as a yoga teacher and lover of life, Nicole expresses gratitude everyday. I can’t think of what more to be thankful for than a 3rd baby boy for the Wilt’s!Media Image-21

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The Wilt twins are two sweet, rambunctious, curious, creative little preschoolers who are kind, energetic, and eager to become big brothers.

Media Image-42
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On a recent playdate I saw the boys dote on a little stuffed animal and politely remind everyone “Shhhh. Baby is sleeping” .  It is clear that Asher and Brooks have been practicing for their new role!  When my daughter Charlotte was itty bitty, I remember they were both so sweet and gentle with her.  The boys were always offering to rock Charlotte or pop a pacifier in her mouth.  I have know doubt that Baby W is going to have some awesome big brothers.  

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It is such a special time for the Wilt’s and I am so honored to be able to capture it for them.  Bringing home a new member of the family is one of life’s biggest celebrations.  I know the Wilt’s don’t want to rush through the spelndor of fall but winter sure does feel a lot cozier knowing they will have a brand new baby to snuggle.

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Grace Family Photos

Shannon and Tommy met at the University of Kentucky – GO WILDCATS!  I know this because, well,  because I was there.  Shannon and I were both Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters at UK and  we had a very fun four years in college.  Shannon and Tommy got engaged during undergrad, and Kappa does a very special candlelight ceremony to celebrate.  This all seems like forever ago – I am pretty sure I just saw a post about Shannon planning their 10 year wedding annivesary.  Where does the time GO!?

Media Image-18

Well for the Grace family, their time has been well spent!  After moving back to the midwest I was able to reconnect with Shannon and meet her beautiful family now including Carter + Charlotte.  We have done photos together for 2 years now and it has been incredible to watch their children grow.

Media Image-26

Carter is doting a big brother, very loving and sweet in some moments and ALL boy at other times.  He was a great remodel for Charlotte during our photo session.

Media Image-8

Shannon swears that Charlotte is a little bit more like her than Carter is, insisting that Charlotte comes by her, sweetness, strong convictions and a little bit of sass quite honestly.  They are the perfect siblings together, encouraging one another and just goofing and having fun.

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It was a blast to follow this family of four around on a quiet summer evening in the park.  Ice cream cones always make for the best photo props!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside | Engagement Session


I was so excited when one of my childhood besties called me about doing engagement photos!  Lauren and Cory got engaged back in July and they have been busy planning a fabulous outdoor wedding this coming September.  From the get go, Lauren wanted to do the photos on a snowy day in December.  Easy right?  Ohio usually doesn’t get a lot of snow before Christmas, but we set the date and did a little snow dance.  *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


When the stars align, the stars align!  A huge snowfall rushed in the day before their engagement session!  I am forgetting that any other Ohioan would not consider 3-6 inches a huge snowfall, but keep in mind I moved back from Atlanta where that type of accumulation could have paralyzed the city for days on end!  We bundled up and braved the cold, I promised them we would end the shoot in a nice cozy warm spot.


Old Worthington has become one of my favorite spots to do photo sessions.  Not only is it the town I grew up in, but it’s also the town where Lauren and Cory live.  They bought their first house and can ride their bikes, run, or skip to coffee shops, ice cream places, wine bars, summer concerts on the square, you name it!  Worthington particularly sparkles around the holidays with lights, wreaths, and festively decorated trees.


For some couples, engagement photos are the one of the first wedding-ish type things they get to do together.  During an engagement sessions it’s so fun to capture all of the excitement, love, and anxious butterflies.  Lauren and Cory nailed it!  You could just tell these two have so much fun together, never a dull moment.  Cory was a true champion and a very good listener.  He was game for all of my posing directions, playing in the snow despite not having gloves, and the mandatory glass of wine finale.  Lauren was a smitten kitten the whole time.


I was truly honored to be their photographer, not only to capture amazing photos but to also create  new memories along the way.  Here’s to a happy holiday!  May your days be merry and bright :)





Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany | Europe!

Happy Fall!


The air is getting crisp and a bit cooler here in Cincinnati.  The leaves are beginning their brilliant color journey and gracing the grass with a smattering of fall splendor.  We are burning pumpkin scented candles, cheering on our favorite football teams and googling the best ever chili recipes.  Fall is here.  —- REWIND….3 weeks ago we were in Europe, doing all things European!  Kris and I took off for 15 days of adventure, romance, culture, food, and of course, photography.


We roamed and wandered through castle walls, sunbathed on rocks in the Mediterranean sea, picnicked beneath the Alps, made new friends on the long wooden plank tables at the bier gartens, and just enjoyed living in the moment.  The trip was insane, we had so much fun seeing the world together.


After a 9 hour flight from Atlanta (shout out!) we arrived in Munich and navigated the train system to our destination,  Rothenburg, Germany.  Rothenburg is a tiny little medieval town situated 4 hours northwest of Munich.  The town is rich in history which made it very fun to explore the city walls, roam the little streets, follow our noses to delicious cafes with salty pretzels and flaky pastries.  Rothenburg smelled absolutely delicious.  When walking about at night swirls of smoke lingered in the air full of roasty toasty sausage and cured meats.  It was so cozy.  There was a slight chill in the evening and the warm familiar wood smoke just added to the overall charm of the town.


Another thing that made Rothenburg feel so cozy was our amazing hotel.  Hotel Spitzveg was not only as charming as you would ever think possible, but the inn keeper was the quintessential inn keeper that you always hoped to one day meet.  I am blanking on his name, but the sweet man looked like ol’ St. Nick and he defined hospitality.  We sat and drank hot, strong coffee while chatting about the town, photography, good food, and the innkeeper’s stint as a cake baker in culinary school in Bermuda.


To round out our stay, we went on the Night Watchman Tour.  Now, I am not one for cheesy, organized, group tours, but this tour was really enjoyable and entertaining.  We learned a lot about the city and why it had become such a popular tourist destination, and why it had been spared bombing during the war when so many other cities had not. Image-18


It was sad saying goodbye to our first city, but it was also exciting knowing that our next stop was Munich!